24.09.14 Light up your Life!!

Most people know that I am a big one on DIY gifts for friends. But I don’t waste my time on these precious customized gifts unless it’s a friend who means a lot to me.
Last week, one of our buddy whom I’ve known since… Uni time, it was his birthday and we all decided to each get him a little gift…
So here are mine!! His name is JASON (obviously) and he is from Taiwan and hence I used washi tape in Taipei Views to decorate the lighters before coating it with Mod-Podge Gloss.
DSC_8692 DSC_8693

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Leopard the Pooh Mani…

Skinfood Nail Tips in Leopard Prints…
x Random Pooh to bring a smile to this Mani!! (^^)

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dharmajāti by Bodyslam…

Finally received my concert ticket!!! Can’t wait…. SUPER EXCITED!!!

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有你, 沒有你

亦舒 – 293
有你, 沒有你

P.37  嫌眼珠不夠大, 不過請醫生做得又大又圓, 仍然有眼無珠, 什麼也沒看清楚, 要到今日 才覺多餘。
P.74 什麼叫有用, 舒坦高興地生活即有用。
P.78 我記得你不喜歡嬰兒, 嫌他們不痛不癢不餓不濕也大哭至氣喘威脅大人不抱不行。
P.94 看, 這世界有你,沒有你,都一樣運轉,明朝,太陽照樣升起,一個人,可儘量別把自己看得太重。
P.118 有時, 一個人只看到他要見到的, 故此, 敵人必定十惡不赦, 愛人一定萬般可愛。
P. 124 每塊咬一口, 好吃的話再咬多一口, 不喜歡立即扔下 – 不勉強自己的吃法。
P.157 時間, 是很奇怪的一件事, 所以要把握眼前。
P.159 當初分手,一定有不可冰釋的紕漏, 離開就是離開, 不必借用萬能膠復合, 因為在極短時間內, 二人故態必然復萌, 越來越恨。
P.168 我只知與我無關的事不要胡亂加插意見。
P.171 我一日老了, 把嘴巴用膠水黏起, 不發一言。
P.171 什麼叫老? 越來越放肆縱容自身便謂之老態畢露。
P.173 室內裝飾根本是奢華產品, 所有與美有關事物都是文明太平盛世的寄生蟲, 民不聊生, 遍地哀鴻還談什麼美學。
P.186 就得那班人了, 要不, 獨處, 否則, 來來去去是那種人。
P.195 要愛我, 否則, 條件再好又有何用。
P.221 一個人, 最終推銷的不過是他自己, 才華重要, 也得會做人。
P.222 人類真奇怪, 明知養育子女是一件毫無回報的辛勞傷心工作, 仍然孜孜不倦要生養下一代。
P.229 她不介意獨自悲傷懊惱, 但是快樂時光無人共享, 才叫痛苦。

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SeouLShoPPinG V.2

OK so a lot of girls I know are crazy about branded fashion, bags ..etc. But that’s so not me. This trip to Korea, I found a wholesale Stationery Market in Dongdaemun and I went crazy there!! The stickers were soooooooooo cute and cheap too.
3 6
And actually apart from paper stickers, I also got notepads and nail decals…
12 45
And OK I admit I also went a bit crazy at all the cosmetics shop in Hongdae… and Myeongdong… (I only went to Etude House, Skinfood and Tony Moly… I think I spent an hour each in each place… :P)

The AMAZING thing about Korean Cosmetic Shop… They give away so much free samples and stuff!! The below pix are all FREE!!!

And OK I also did a bit of Fashion Shopping in Hongdae…. but no I didn’t go crazy…
184554Seoul is definitely a city I wouldn’t mind visiting again…sometime in the near future, Hopefully!! (^^)

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Night Out at 8-Owls…

I am super Thankful that I live on a street with endless numbers of restaurants to fulfill my hunger on a daily basis. I crave for the joy of discovering a new restaurant around the corner with creative dishes, chilling ambience and Nice Beers.
My latest find is 8 Owls Japanese Dining Bar on the Rooftop of Nihonmura, Thonglor Soi 13. Shame that Parking spaces are so limited though…
It might be a strange place to pick for a family dinner, but hey! Why not?
Food here is Fusion Japanese, Decor is slightly Dark in a black metal tone….our table felt like we were sitting in a half-closed bird cage.
FOOD is quite innovative here… Let’s take a look at what we had:
We started off with their version of a Caesar Salad which came with a little nest made out of potato…and Shrimp Popcorn. (Original, i must say).
IMG_5293 IMG_5292

Quickly followed by Sushis and a Salmon Roll of some sort…IMG_5291 IMG_5297

Then of course, we had to test this Japanese restaurant with the basic Sashimis….
IMG_5294 IMG_5295
Followed by a HOTATE dish which is the size of your palm…
IMG_5287 IMG_5286
And then comes the main course…. Carbonara Spaghetti in MISO sauce and Okonomiyake Pizza…
IMG_5296 IMG_5298
And being quite IN-THEME with the restaurant’s logo, they also serve up all flavors of HITACHINO Owl Beer for 170 Baht…
All in all,  we quite enjoyed this meal…. the total damage was around 3800 baht, but that was only because this month there is a 40% Discount for Food on both Cash and Credit. We had 6 beers which would total to 1200 baht so for ALL the food we had, it was only 2600!! Super Awesome!!!

Would recommend it for friends looking for some fresh new taste in a cool enviroment.
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/eightowls


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14.09.14 Mix of Etude Nailz…

So on my right hand I have my super adorable Minion Mani, but my left hand fingers are still bare….!!
Have no idea what to do really, so just decided to open my nail polish box and pick out the first 3 bottles i see.
And I ended up with:
1) Etude Play Sugar Texture in #193
2) Etude Lucid Darling Fantastic Nails #03 <Glittering Jewel Coral>
3) Etude House Play Nail Neon Pink Glitter

What a coincidence that they are all from ETUDE HOUSE!! Mix and Matching!!
So i decided to use the 2 base colors on alternating fingers and topped it with the Neon Glitter… And honestly, i don’t really fancy the sugar texture coz it feels a bit icky… So topping it with the glitter gave it a glossy coat which i like much more!!
And as you can see i concentrated on the tips more as I know it will be awful difficult to remove if I did the whole plate… filled with glitter.
OK by the time i took this picture I’ve already smudged it a bit but oh well.
This is the color sample of the neon glitter… It’s quite vibrant and the shapes are very cute.

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